UPDATES the Updates part of the site. Like most sites there will be a link to this in the banner you created Tom. There is a part on it which says "Updates". When clicked it'll take you the Update section.

There it shows a list of updates. Latest at the top and earliest at the bottom. The title is a link. Once clicked it'll take you the Update which the title belongs to.

The list works like the Recent Blog Post one for an example.

CONTACT ok im unsure if your able to do this but this is what I had in mind for the Contact section. There is a fan project email which you can send messages to and you'll get a reply from the email when it sends you the message back. I was thinking we could have a text box and a button that says "send". Inside the message you put text in and click send. The send button sends the text to the fan project email which will pick it up and reply to it. Of course we'd need an insert your email box but im unsure if your able to do that. If you are then this shouldn't be a problem I guess..

ABOUT Ok this one is easy. Just a description about the project which people read basically. Its not 100% needed but I think it would be a nice touch to inform people. so here is the description I was thinking: The Drawn to life 3 fan project (Real) is a production team founded in September 2013 by The Mega Lettuce (Me ;) xD). We are a team of developers who use the Internet Explorer in order to develop a video game together. If you would like to message us please Contact (when person clicks contact their taken to the contacts section) us your notification and we will reply as soon as possible.

as for GALLERY and VIDEOS I think if we just begin the section and then ill make a video and add it to the thing as soon as the sites published. That is if that would work.

So tom if you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to ask as I will help u whenever ^-^. Hope you have a good day :) Oli

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