Hello Tom. This is the update page. I hope to get all the information you need on this blog so you can program it.

Ok so before I begin I'd just like to explain an example im using as I believe examples are needed. Lets say the FOUR latest Updates in order from first to fourth were Titled 1. DTL Is Back 2. DTL Rocks 3. Dtl Is Cool 4. Dtl 3 might come out.

Lets Begin.



DTL Is Back DTL Rocks DTL Is Cool DTL 3 Might come out

Ok so as you can see there is a list of updates. Now the list of updates is written from Latest Update On The Top and Earliest on the bottom. The List shows all the titles of the Updates.

When a title is clicked you will be taken to the Update it belongs to. Basically it is a link. When you click the Update your taken to it. Like The Recent Blog Posts On Wikia's.

EXAMPLE: Seeing as DTL Is Back is the latest Update it is at the top. The Title Of The Update Is DTL Is Back. So The first on the list are the words "DTL Is Back" as that is the title of the latest Update.

When the text is clicked it will take you to the Update DTL Is Back as the text is a link.

And DTL 3 Might come out is the last one. As that's the earliest. When that is clicked it takes you to the Update DTL 3 Might come out as the text is a link.

And... Yeah.
Any More Questions And Please Don't Hesitate To Ask ^.^

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