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So that's the Homepage Tommyboy :D. Now for the next part of the site.


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  • The Mega Lettuce (Oli) Director/Founder/Lead Developer

The Mega Lettuce (otherwise known as Oli) is the leader of the Project. He founded it in September 2013 with the intentions of making a sequel to the unknown Retro game Drawn to life the next chapter for the DS. Oli directs the Project aiming that it'll all go ok and is the head developer creating many things for the game.

  • Toms Co Director/Website Creator/Deputy Developer
  • Toms is the second in command for making the game. He co directs the game as one of the top authorities. He creates the websites for the Project and is the deputy developer next to Oli doing many things for the project.
  • Alex Game Designer
  • Alex is one of the designers for the game. He creates it and designs what it will be. By far he is creating a major part of our game named Creation Mode. More info on that will be released shortly.
  • Kane Designer And Artist
  • Kane is an art worker for the game. He designs many things and then draws what they will look like in the game. So far he is the only member who does artwork but more may arrive shortly.
  • About

The Drawn To Life 3 Fan Project are a team of video game developers who wish to create a video game. The project was founded in 13th September 2013 by The Mega Lettuce. Once the team got big enough they decided to make a sequel to the unifinished video game series Drawn To Life. Soon deciding to make a third game for this series the team set to work to impress the fans of this franchise.

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  • Have you got a message or notification to us? Type your message below and then click "Send". Your email will soon be read by one of the Fan Project staff who will reply as soon as possible.
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