Ok seeing as we are now aware of 505's Exploitary Talks we will have to remake the plan we made to create the game. As know we know more we can form a better plan with the knowledge we have. This is what I think the plan should be.

1. Create an Idea to show at the Explortiary Talks. Make the idea as good as we can make it so that in the meeting they will decide to publish it. 2. I go to the Exploritary Talk and present the idea. 3. 505 go away and have a meeting of whether publishing will occur or not. 4. I get their decision in an email. Either "yes we'll allow you to do this" or "no we wont."

IF THEY ALLOW PUBLISHING We then dedicate our time towards creating the bestest game we can. We have afteral got to create a real game. When its sold in game stores we need to make people buy it and enjoy it clearly.

IF THEY DO NOT ALLOW PUBLISHING We can easily try again. We will just prepare ourselves another idea. We can keep trying 505 are not allowed to say "no we wont take your appointment". We'll just keep trying until our ideas are good enough.

IF THEY ALLOW PUBLISHING Then we create the official third drawn to life.. the canalogical sequel. Lets work so hard for that it's gonna be really awesome.

Now we're on Step One. Together lets make ourselves an idea to present to 505 :)!

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