The other day I discovered 505 Games do something called Exploration Talks.

This is an appointment/interview which people go to in order to suggest ideas for copyrights owned by the owner. Exploration Talks are where you tell the company/person of your idea and then they have a meeting to see whether the idea should be given permission or not.

Now the person having the interview has a very important job of making sure the person their talking to KNOWS Their idea.

So I am going to have an exploration talk with them and make sure they know what the idea is. However there's a bit more to it..

If 505 Games will say in the meeting that they will give publishing rights to us then we need to convince them that they should make the game. We need to create a GOOD Idea. Then when they know the good idea in the meeting they will discuss whether they should publish rights or not.

So my plan is that we prepare an Exploration Talk to be sure 505 Games know what the idea is and then ill go to the appointment and perform to them what we prepared. Then they have their meeting and they will email their decision.

Now we have to do whatever we can to make sure they say yes to publishing rights. The way to do this is to make a good idea. So that when they know it they will decide to publish it as its a good idea.

Post any questions or ideas below.

Thank You Oli

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