Hey Toms ^^. This is a Blog I am writing especially for you which I intend to have all the info you need to program the site.

Today's topic is the Slideshow.

So the homepage I assume you can program The logo, banner, background and pretty much everything else except for the slideshow. So I'm going to be giving you information on this blog which I hope is big enough for you to make the slideshow. Soooo. Let's get started :D.

Slide 1: Team Page

Title: Team


Description: Come and meet the members of the Project!

Slide 2: Updates

Title: Updates


Description: Come and read our blog to learn the latest news about the Project!

Slide 3: Videos


Description: come and watch members of the Project at work!

Slide 4: Gallery


Slide 5: Project


Slide 6: About


Description: Come and learn about the Project! All the info you need is here!

Slide 7: contact


Description: come and send us a message!

Okai. I think I probs need to give a bit more info so lets keep goin.

Ok I think the information above would make more sense if I gave you an example of a slide. So I'm going to put a few photos showing what each slide's layout will be. Which I hope will give you a better idea of what to do.


Now this next photo is another example which I have decided to put a bit more in depth.

So lets say.

Title: Hi My Name Is Oli

Image: Gangham Style Photo

Description: I like gangham style.

Ok that's NOT a real slide XD. its just an example. But in this example lets say that WAS a slide. Here is what it would look like.

Example 2

Anymore questions just ask and I will reply asap which is probably as soon as i read your comments XD

PS: Are you able to program the Slideshow so that whenever you click on a Slide it takes you to the part of the site which the Slide is about? For example if you click the Team Slide it will take you to the Team Page? Are you able to do that? If so that would be really awesome as I believe it would be a nice touch ^^.

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