LOGO I think seeing as this is more of an image it wont have text.

Banner Red rectangle with those words on. I suppose that can be counted as text. I think all the names will have the same font and colour.

Home Updates Staff Contact About

All these words are on the banner in that order.

They have the same font id say.

Which would of been the font we agreed but sadly due to some errors on your PC we have to choose one from the computer.... after looking through them all id have to go for...

Roman. Bold. Size 14.

Slideshow UPDATE

Latest Update Title: Example Update

Description Of Latest Update: Example Update description

Latest Update Title: Engravers MT Size 10

Description Of Latest Update: Arial Size 10


Staff Member Name = Copperplate Gothic Bold Size 16

Staff Member Description = Arial Size 14


I think you can just do what fonts you like for this one as its more of something you use then a text thing.


Title (About)= Copperplate Gothic Bold Size 14

Description = Small Fonts Size 14

And I think that's about it.. If theres anything ive missed please tell me as I cant help but think im forgetting something....

Anyways Thanks Again Tommy ^.^

Have A Good Day :)


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