My mum is now in the project!! XD. No im not joking i told her the idea and she was actually really interested in it XD. In fact the whole thing about Exploration Talks was HER idea.

The plan that i suggested in my previous blog was also her idea. When i explained to her about the fact 505 gwouldnt reply she found out they do exploration talks and saw what was all going wrong.

So basically the entire project was saved by my mum. XD.

Anyways she's actually REALLY Good xD and im not joking. She's actually better than me at this. XD.

She even spent the entire last night writing down ideas for a plot of a third game and then came to me in the morning flicking my light switch on and off bought in a powerpoint and suggested her ideas.

They were totally amazing XD. She has a sort of Budhist Yin Yan idea for the connection between Raposa and Mike for the plot and their struggles in a sharing setting. More will be explained later.

Anyways we should all thank my mum as the plan with the exploritary talks was her idea. And when she joined she said that plan. XD.

More will be explained about the Exploratitary Talks in time. As im in school right now tonight i will post another blog in more detail to make sure you guys understand.

Until Next Time


The Mega Lettuce

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