Ohh drear creator I have a lot to say.........

OK here I'm going to show examples of the creation mode I made, I will show the pictures I made and explain how they work.

Main window - Copy

Main window

So this is the main window with the main tools, eraser, pen, color picker ect. ect...

Color pallet options - Copy

How you can get other shades of one color.

So how you can can get other shades of colors, how it will work is you tap on a color( let's say red) and a row of shades will drop down, then you could use thoes colors.

Head decoration just selected - Copy

When you add a head decoration

I fugured this is how it will look when you add an head decoration, it will start off on the head like this, but of course you can move it.

When moving an outline - Copy

When you're moving something

So it could look like this when you're moving a body part, the bule dots will make it expand, the middle will make it move around, and the arrow you can use to turn the outline.

Layer example - Copy

when using a layer

So layers can work like this: let's say you tap the first layer, there, the only things you'll be able to draw on is the left leg and arm, the body and head(and tail if you have one) will be on the second layer, and of course the right leg and arm, this way things can be easier to draw, and to get out of layers you just have to tap the layer you're on again and you'll exit.

Hat example - Copy

"hat" example

I remember in our meeting that Jasmine mentioned that you can make the shape of every hat in the world, and to help her solve how you can have a hat is just add a head decoration and make it ass an hat.

So I hope this could help some people, and give us a basic idea for the creation mode, if you have any ideas to add, any questions, or if I mised something, please tell me.

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