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August 18, 2014
  • I live in Guisborough
  • My occupation is Drawn To Life fan creator (aiming to be proffessional), youtube animator/writer, theologist, whatever i like XD
  • I am I don't know?!?!?!
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  • Ok Oli your jobs follow: Get The Creation Table Assist Toms In Making His Site When The Site Is Made You Are On The Creation Table so develop Creation Mode with your colleagues on your table

    So yeah. That's what your current jobs are. Good Luck. Oli XD

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  • Members In Fan Project: Me Toms Lone Shadowbat MariahxWilfre AlexHeroic Architect Visionary CynicalPunkKid CirciFox That Pokémon Animator whats her name Shinywolf yeah that's it Kiu Clayblob (attempting to get to join)

    That's all I can remember.......

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  • I haven't been able to work on the website for a while, and I have to start again with the website. When I say that, I mean I have to recode it. That means I still have all the buttons, they just don't appear on the site, and it's blank. This is because the system I'm using doesn't work too well.


    Has anything interesting happened lately?

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    • What font should the website use? I can't be a downloaded font. It has to be one you get with your computer.

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    • sorry for the late reply. I would just say use the most suitable font for the time. Its up to u what fonts u can use ^_^

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  • I'm free half of the time, but I'm mostly free in the morning, and at night.

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  • Scan


    Man....this took longer than it should have...

    But anyways, I'd have to say thanks for telling me about OIl and Aelf's rivalry, becaus it gave me the idea for this postion XD.

    Ummm...that now leaves the Question: what shoud I do next?

    I have a lot of free time....sooo...yeah...

    Also the shidonni vid is done, so I'll send it to you privetly, just tell me you YT channel or acount.

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    • What should you do next? Good question ^^. I like your attitude :D.

      So. We have assembled a plan in the project to make our game come real. Steps of how to make the game. And this is the steps in canalogical order.

      STEP ONE Design the creation mode. Drawn to life is mainly creation. So we will design the creation mode of the game first. This includes the Drawing Tool, Altar Drawings Ext.

      STEP TWO Design the gameplay mode. Levels, bosses, desgins ext. Design the levels from first to last.

      STEP THREE Write the plot. Write a good plot for our game. In any method possible.

      STEP FOUR Make the artwork for the game. Make the artwork. Characters villages ext.

      STEP FIVE Compose the music. This includes a lyrical song. As I feel a game with a lyric song has a quite a good soundtrack due to the fact its unique. So yeah we'll have to make it fit with the story tho.

      STEP SIX Program The Game.

      STEP SEVEN Publish the game. Do this by getting one of the big dtl companies to give permission for publishing. All we need is for it to be published. However legally. Due to the fact we don't want to get arrested for trying to make a game.

      Then we hope that the game will be popular. So this is the plan we obey to make our game. So my current task is to find people who will be good at designing Creation Mode. As that's our first step. I however don't think we're ready to begin the plan just yet. We have nobody on the Drwaing Tool Designer Team let alone know anyone capable of helping us. So im searching the web to find people to help us.

      I guess for now we could both work on the Creation Mode. Just to get a rough idea.

      So basically just try and come up with some good ideas for Creation I'd say......

      Here are some questions I have in mind: Are we able to let players make anything? Can that be done by drawing? Are we able to make it fun to use?

      Those are just some examples. So yeah. We can get to work on that later today if I have some time.. What times are you free at??

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    • Normaly in the morning and at night.

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    • I'll make a list on pros and cons the drawng tools always had. K?

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    • sounds good ^^. (lettuce but logged out) peace

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  • Ok, so I'm pretty shure you remember our talk on shidonni and evenutally the converertation got confusing, so I said I'll make a vid about shidonnni in order to sort things out. So now I have a yt channel, and I was going to make a vid, but aperrently every time I try to play shidonni my browser keeps on saying, "do you want to run silverlight?" And I'm like, "what the heck is silverlight?" But in all seriousness, I don't know what that is, and, I don't want to risk ruining my computer, If I find a way to play shidonni than that's good, but if not....than I don't  know what to do...Sorry:/

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  • I think this is clayblob's work. [1]

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  • I found some sprites someone had ripped from the drawn to life games. They were never used in the game, but we might be able to use them

    DtL checkpoint

    A checkoint. I always though these would be a good idea, until I realised that technically, there are checkpoints, they just dont look like flags (In the first 2 games)

    Dtl tnc Wilfre panic

    Wilfre screaming, maybe could be used when he's realised what damage he's caused, and when he's in trouble

    Dtl RapoArmor

    A suit of armour

    Dtl tnc Wilfre cheer

    Wilfre happy. Could be used when Alex is defeated.

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  • I decided to use an old style of rapo ears I once used, on this guy.

    Scan0004 (2)


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  • I'll be free tomorrow morning, from 9:00 AM - whatever, central time.

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