• The lone shadowbat.

    Ohh drear creator I have a lot to say.........

    OK here I'm going to show examples of the creation mode I made, I will show the pictures I made and explain how they work.

    So this is the main window with the main tools, eraser, pen, color picker ect. ect...

    So how you can can get other shades of colors, how it will work is you tap on a color( let's say red) and a row of shades will drop down, then you could use thoes colors.

    I fugured this is how it will look when you add an head decoration, it will start off on the head like this, but of course you can move it.

    So it could look like this when you're moving a body part, the bule dots will make it expand, the middle will make it move around, and the arrow you can use to turn the outline.

    So layers …

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  • The mega lettuce

    Ok so before I book the interview there's some stuff we need. And as I have said our current job in the Project now is to prepare ourselves for the Exploitary Interview. We need to make some stuff before we can go. If the stuff we need to make is not made then we are not prepared for the Interview. We must and I repeat must make the stuff before we go otherwise we are not prepared. So in this blog im going to talk you through the stuff we need to make.

    NOTE: This information is already known by many. This is up here for those who do not know.

    So we have 5 categories: Creation Mode, Gameplay Mode, Story, Music and Art. For each of these categories there are some stuff we need to make. Our current job is making these things for the categories …

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  • The mega lettuce


    March 10, 2015 by The mega lettuce

    I understand I shouldn't really be posting this here.. But I feel as if by posting it, it would help me with the Project as I need to keep a list of Staff somewhere.. Anyways ill be listing by usernames instead of first names even though we basically all know each other's XD.

    The Mega Lettuce Toms113 The Lone Shadowbat cheylouwho AlexHeroic ArchitectVisionary CynicalPunkKid/Kaniac101

    Ok I think that's about it.. if im missin anyone please comment who they are. Until Next Time Peace The Mega Lettuce

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  • The mega lettuce

    The NEW Plan

    March 9, 2015 by The mega lettuce

    Ok seeing as we are now aware of 505's Exploitary Talks we will have to remake the plan we made to create the game. As know we know more we can form a better plan with the knowledge we have. This is what I think the plan should be.

    1. Create an Idea to show at the Explortiary Talks. Make the idea as good as we can make it so that in the meeting they will decide to publish it. 2. I go to the Exploritary Talk and present the idea. 3. 505 go away and have a meeting of whether publishing will occur or not. 4. I get their decision in an email. Either "yes we'll allow you to do this" or "no we wont."

    IF THEY ALLOW PUBLISHING We then dedicate our time towards creating the bestest game we can. We have afteral got to create a real game. When its sold…

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  • The mega lettuce

    My mum is now in the project!! XD. No im not joking i told her the idea and she was actually really interested in it XD. In fact the whole thing about Exploration Talks was HER idea.

    The plan that i suggested in my previous blog was also her idea. When i explained to her about the fact 505 gwouldnt reply she found out they do exploration talks and saw what was all going wrong.

    So basically the entire project was saved by my mum. XD.

    Anyways she's actually REALLY Good xD and im not joking. She's actually better than me at this. XD.

    She even spent the entire last night writing down ideas for a plot of a third game and then came to me in the morning flicking my light switch on and off bought in a powerpoint and suggested her ideas.

    They were total…

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  • The mega lettuce

    The Good News

    March 8, 2015 by The mega lettuce

    The other day I discovered 505 Games do something called Exploration Talks.

    This is an appointment/interview which people go to in order to suggest ideas for copyrights owned by the owner. Exploration Talks are where you tell the company/person of your idea and then they have a meeting to see whether the idea should be given permission or not.

    Now the person having the interview has a very important job of making sure the person their talking to KNOWS Their idea.

    So I am going to have an exploration talk with them and make sure they know what the idea is. However there's a bit more to it..

    If 505 Games will say in the meeting that they will give publishing rights to us then we need to convince them that they should make the game. We need to cr…

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  • The mega lettuce

    Ok.. so for each slide I think the font and size of the text should really be your decision Tom... because I do not have enough equipment and resources to decide. So I would much rather the font and size for the text on the homepage was your decision and you have more resources then me.

    I will give you the text but you can decide what the font and size will be.

    Also I hope my last blog (which showed the pics you need) helped. Any more questions please don't hestitate to ask me

    Peace TML

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  • The mega lettuce


    February 7, 2015 by The mega lettuce

    Hey Toms ^^. This is a Blog I am writing especially for you which I intend to have all the info you need to program the site.

    Today's topic is the Slideshow.

    So the homepage I assume you can program The logo, banner, background and pretty much everything else except for the slideshow. So I'm going to be giving you information on this blog which I hope is big enough for you to make the slideshow. Soooo. Let's get started :D.

    Slide 1: Team Page

    Title: Team


    Description: Come and meet the members of the Project!

    Slide 2: Updates

    Title: Updates


    Description: Come and read our blog to learn the latest news about the Project!


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  • The mega lettuce


    January 22, 2015 by The mega lettuce

    Random title XD. Anyways me and my colleague The Lone Shadowbat are on the DTL wiki chat if anyone wants to develop on the Project with us.

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  • The mega lettuce

    Okai dokie. Here is the document that I (hoped XD) would come in handy. Note: when I say "build" I really mean Program I just kinda view programming a website as building a website. But that's just my personal view. Although it kinda is.. XD. HOME PAGE DEVELOPMENT

    1. Design The Home Page 2. Make Plan To Build Home Page 3. Build Home Page

    Okai. We have pretty much DESIGNED the home page already. I have tried to explain it best as I can but I still feel like there is a chance I may be missing something.. If you have any questions left Tommy then do not hesitate to ask me ^^.

    As for making the Plan to build. I just wanna make sure all the developers working on the site (Just you and me XD) are completely certain about the design and fully know …

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  • The mega lettuce

    Updates Page

    January 7, 2015 by The mega lettuce

    Hello Tom. This is the update page. I hope to get all the information you need on this blog so you can program it.

    Ok so before I begin I'd just like to explain an example im using as I believe examples are needed. Lets say the FOUR latest Updates in order from first to fourth were Titled 1. DTL Is Back 2. DTL Rocks 3. Dtl Is Cool 4. Dtl 3 might come out.

    Lets Begin.



    DTL Is Back DTL Rocks DTL Is Cool DTL 3 Might come out

    Ok so as you can see there is a list of updates. Now the list of updates is written from Latest Update On The Top and Earliest on the bottom. The List shows all the titles of the Updates.

    When a title is clicked you will be taken to the Update it belongs to. Basically it is a link. When you click the Update your taken…

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  • The mega lettuce

    Home Page.

    January 4, 2015 by The mega lettuce



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  • The mega lettuce



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  • The mega lettuce


    December 27, 2014 by The mega lettuce

    LOGO I think seeing as this is more of an image it wont have text.

    Banner Red rectangle with those words on. I suppose that can be counted as text. I think all the names will have the same font and colour.

    Home Updates Staff Contact About

    All these words are on the banner in that order.

    They have the same font id say.

    Which would of been the font we agreed but sadly due to some errors on your PC we have to choose one from the computer.... after looking through them all id have to go for...

    Roman. Bold. Size 14.

    Slideshow UPDATE

    Latest Update Title: Example Update

    Description Of Latest Update: Example Update description

    Latest Update Title: Engravers MT Size 10

    Description Of Latest Update: Arial Size 10


    Staff Member Name = Copperplate Gothic B…

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  • The mega lettuce


    December 19, 2014 by The mega lettuce
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  • The mega lettuce


    December 19, 2014 by The mega lettuce

    LOGO Ok so this is just the logo of the Drawn To Life 3 Fan Project. I Want you to put this on the top left corner of the site as I feel its best placed there.

    BANNER This is the Red Banner. It has each part of the site's name put on it. When the name is clicked you will be taken to the section the name belongs to.

    I think it should be stationed in the place I put in the photo.

    SLIDESHOW Slides through the different sections of the Site






    The Slideshow is also a link. Click on the part of the slidewhow is scrolling through and you'll be taken there.

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  • The mega lettuce


    Logo Banner

    Slideshow of the sections in the site (ones in the banner) and their latest edit. For example Updates would be in the slideshow the latest update. And Staff would probably just be the same as it is tbh.
    • Slideshow
    • Updates

    (Headline Of Latest Update)

    • Read More (link to the update*
    • Staff
    • Meet the members of the Project!
    • read more (link to staff page)
    • About

    • Who are we? What do we do? all questions answered here!

    • Contact
    • Get in touch with us! (link to Contact section)

    So that's the Homepage Tommyboy :D. Now for the next part of the site.


    • (Shows Every Headline Of Every Update. When One Is Clicked It Will Take You To The Update Which The Headline Belonged To As A Link)


    • The Mega Lettuce (Oli) Direc…

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  • The mega lettuce


    December 8, 2014 by The mega lettuce

    UPDATES the Updates part of the site. Like most sites there will be a link to this in the banner you created Tom. There is a part on it which says "Updates". When clicked it'll take you the Update section.

    There it shows a list of updates. Latest at the top and earliest at the bottom. The title is a link. Once clicked it'll take you the Update which the title belongs to.

    The list works like the Recent Blog Post one for an example.

    CONTACT ok im unsure if your able to do this but this is what I had in mind for the Contact section. There is a fan project email which you can send messages to and you'll get a reply from the email when it sends you the message back. I was thinking we could have a text box and a button that says "send". Inside the …

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  • Mike Mikeson


    December 6, 2014 by Mike Mikeson

    Hi everyone. I got bored so I made a map of the roleplay which I intended to put on the dtl wiki until I realized I wasn't allowed to ;/. So here it is :D.

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  • The mega lettuce


    October 28, 2014 by The mega lettuce

    Hello all workers of the drawn to life fan project. A chat has been arranged to take place today. It will go on until about 3. It'll be hosted by me and my right hand man Tom1233 if he can make it.

    If u can make it please contact me in however way you want to tell me.

    Until next time 


    The mega lettuce

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  • The mega lettuce

    Im very sorry about my absence in the chat room today. I was gonna apologise on the method system but seeing as I should apologise to all of you and not one specific person I feel as if it should be a group blog.

    So im really sorry about that. I wasn't on for long and I hope you can all forgive me. I shouldn't have just left suddenly but I hope we can all forget about it and move on.

    Until next time Peace The Mega Lettuce

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